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you opened the back door of your car and threw your scetchbook and colored pencils into the back seat. you walked around and opened to door and slid into the driver seat. you put the key in and turned it nothing happened. you tried once more still nothing. you reached for your phone and called your roommate.


"Hey Feli! lisen very carefully, okay?"


"My car wont start and I need you to get help, Okay"

"-Name- thats terrible! tell me were you are and I will be there with help in no time"

"I am near the open field to the west of town got that?"




you pulled your cellphone away from your face. It had died on you. could this get any worse you asked yourself you hoped Felicano heared you. you sat back and your seat and told yourself everything would work out and he would find you. but what if he doesn't? You started to worry. After thirty minutes you
started to cry. It was dark out now and he hasn't came yet meaning he didn't hear you on the phone. You wiped the tears from your eyes and tried to calm yourself but failed.

by now its been almost two hours. still no sign of him. you made sure the doors were locked and you leaned back in your seat and closed your eyes. you must have fallen asleep and were woken up by a knocking on the window. there was a face peering into your car. you were badly frightened for a moment because
you didnt reconized who it was at first. you put you hand over your chest and were trying to slow down your breathing. you unlocked your door and got out.

"sorry I Scare you -name-" Ludwig said putting his hand on the back of his neck.

"no problem" you said

"-NAME-!" you turned awound and were tackled to the ground by a certain crying italian. "-name- im so sorry" he cried "I..I was just talking to you and your voice just stopped. I tried calling you back but" you cut him off

"It's okay Feli" you asured him. "its my fault for not making sure my phone was fully charged before i left"

"I was so worried about you and Lugwig was getting mad at me for not knowing were you in the first place"

"well its alright now"

"I know"



"could you please get off of me?"

"oh sorry -name-"

he got off of you and helped you off the ground. A moment later Ludwig walked over to the two of you

"Well -name- I think I fixed it but I will drive you home to make sure nothing bad happens" you nodded in responce. "Felicano Take my car and follow behind -name's- car jus in case." Ludwig handed the keys over to Feli. you got in your car and watched as ludwig got in on the driver's side. then started heading
back to your Appartment. At first it was a quiet then Ludwig spoke



"why didn't you tell Feliciano were you were going before you left?"

"I didn't think it was necassary"

"well what if something like this happened and you didn't have anyway to tell Felicano what have happened?"

"I dont know"

"did you know how worried you made me when Feliciano came up to me and said you were stranded somewhere but he wasn't sure where"


"what if something bad happened to you"


"what if I lost you -name-"

"why would you even care? last time I checked you don't really like me"

"What makes you say that?"

"you always seem to avoid me and when i do get a chance to talk to you you dont even look at me?"



"the truth is..."


"I um..."


"I really like you -name-"


"I love you"

you blushed, was he serious? did he really love you. the car stopped and he turned to you. there was a light blush across his face. he gave you a kiss before getting out. you sat in the car for a moment dazed. did he really just kissed you. even if it wasn't a long kiss it felt nice, expecally because it came from
ludwig who you had a crush on ever scence Feli introduced him to  you him two years ago.
this is what my bored mind came up with hope you like it even though it kind of sucks -_-
sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes
ENJOY! (if you wan to)
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